FRC 2016 Warm Up Post

FIRST has significantly changed the layout of their website for 2016.

COMPETITION MANUAL PAGE LINK.  Members of Team 1915 will have to do their homework to ensure success.   For starters, all team members must have the encrypted rules on their mobile device(s) (iPad, iPhone, Android, whatever) prior to the kickoff on January 9.  The administrative rules are already posted; the encrypted game rules will be posted prior to kickoff, usually by Thursday.

Other important FRC links will be posted below, as I learn about them:

2016 FRC Control System :  EVERYONE on the team should know the control system components, the name of each component and its basic function.  Build team electricians and computer programmers should know these documents very well, and use them on a regular basis.

Various teams of engineers may be posting useful videos/comments on the "Robot in 3 days" webpages.  Team members should subscribe to these sites and follow the progress of the various engineering teams.

2015 FRC Pneumatics Manual.  Probably still quite relevant.  And a Pneumatics Presentation.

Motor Power Documents.  VEXpro does a nice job of explaining DC motors, power, etc, very directly.