2014 Software Downloads and Training

The previous post discussed FIRST specific control system components.  This post will provide links to software downloads and training. 

Autodesk Inventor (Computer Aided Design, or CAD) Download
1) Autodesk Inventor

2)  Click on "Free Software" tab, and follow directions.
3)  Autodesk has multiple software titles that you can download for free.  All of it is great software.  For now, just download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014.  Warning:  The download is several GIGABITS.  I recommend that you start it up, and simply leave it running for several hours, such as overnight. 
4)  Autodesk provides some training/learning material to get new users familiar with the software.  Utilize them, and be sure to tell your teammates which ones you've found most useful for learning the software.

National Instruments LabView.  For 2014, you can now download the FIRST version of Labview from the internet.  The download is over 5 GB, so let it download overnight.  You will need the authorization code from the KOP, so see a team mentor for that code.
NI Links for Downloads, Training, Forums***** NEW FOR 2014!*****

Other NI LabView training links, not FRC specific:
NI suggested training.
FRC Mastery

Hardware manual for cRIO FRC II.

You probably won't need this hardware manual, but it is listed here to be complete.

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