2015 Reveal Videos

I'll post links to reveal/teaser/update videos posted by teams as I find them.

Most (NOT ALL) videos are on my 2015 Robot Reveal Playlist in YouTube.

Team 148, RoboWranglers
A team "robot" with three distinct, separate/separable parts.
One part moves totes and recycle Containers to stacking platforms.
One part stacks totes from human players.
One part pulls the Recycle Containers into the Autonomous area via a cable. (See 0:52 of video.)

Team 118.  Robonauts.
The robot has the capability to pull two cans from across the landfill, probably during autonomous.

Team 179, Children of the Swamp.  (SwampThing, Florida)  Innovative use of mecanum to lift Recycle Containers.

Team 230, GaelHawks.
Frankly, I'll post anybody's video that features AC/DC.

Team 3293, Otterbots

Team 3360, Hyperion
Shifting swerve drive, pictures here  here, here, here, and here.  Nice.

Team 1657.  Hamosad.  (Israel)
The robot is an assembly line, taking totes from the chute, directly to the scoring platform, and another element of the robot stacks them there.  Innovative, for sure.

Team 1208

Team 4488 Shockwave.

Team 2283, Panteras, (Mexico)
Stacks at loading station.

Team 3939, Robotic Knights.
They actually deal with upside down totes.  (But it is tedious and time consuming.)

Team 610, Coyotes.
Steals the center two recycle bins in auto.  Also, interesting use of constant force springs.

Team 4905.

Team 3316, DBug

Team 348.

Team 1189, Gearheads

Team 4063, TRikzR4kiDz

Team 624, CRyptonite

Team 2848, All Sparks
A four-can grabber.  Just a glimpse of it, but still, a four can grabber.

Team 2614.  MARS.

Team 5576 (Rookie) Drive Video List.

Team 314, StarScream

Team 2335.

Team 4481.   Rembrandts.

Team 2914

Team 3506 Yeti.

Team 3310, Warhawk.  Two Recycle Container grabber.

Team 157, Aztecs.

Team 3802, RoboPOP

Team 2039, Rockford Robotics.

Team 5172.

Team 2059.

Team 1648, DJenga.

Team 16, Baxter Bomb Squad.  Pulls two Recycle Containers back at the same time, from across the landfill.

Team 1986, Team Titanium.

Team 2485, W.A.R. Lords

Team 2990, Hotwire Robotics.

Team 4476.  W.A.F.F.L.E.S.

Team 1294.  Top Gun.

Team 3683.  Team Dave.

Team 3735.  Klein Bots.

Team 2468.  Team Appreciate.

Team 5413.  Stellar Robotics.

Team 4536.  The Minute Bots.  Zenith

Team 1318.  Issaquah Robotics Society.

Team 1747.  Harrison Boiler Robotics.  Scorpio.

Team 2601.  Steel Hawks.  Raptor.  (Similar to 1915 concepts.)

Team 4522.  Team Scream.  Kong.

Team 3966.  L & N STEMpunks.  Calypstote.

Team 4334.  Alberta Tech Alliance.  Elevation.

Team 343.  Arm Strong 2.0.

Team 2679.  Tiger Team.  (Israel)

Team 5254.  Robot Raiders.  Pictures

Team 4039.  MakeShift Robotics.

Team 4301.  New Tech Narcissists.  Nom Nom.

Team 1540.  Flaming Chickens.  Quasar.

Team 2471.  Mean Machine.  Swerve Drive.

Team 5236.  T.I.M.

Team 1676.  Reaper.  Another designed with a quick-grab-the-recycle-containers-on-the-step system.

Team 706.  Cyberhawks.

Team 5172.

Team 696.  Centurion.  Photo/blog link.

Team 2607.  RoboVikings.  Photo link.

Team 3467.  Spitfire.  Very effective, very unique design.  It has a lifting platform with rollers.  Rather complicated.

Team 1937.

Team 701.  Picture.

Team 4613.  Australia.  Nice intake from the human loading station.