Game Analyses and Prototypes

Team members should review this excellent information on game analyses and robot prototypes.

Impractical, but interesting 13 second video, placing a Recycle Container on a six tote stack.  Done using their 2014 robot.

Look over everything on the BuildBlitz site, but pay special attention to the Strategic Analysis of the game itself.  Ri3D 1.0 Game Analysis.

The  RobotIn3Day teams have posted their analyses and prototypes.  Seven teams participated, and all seven have posted videos of their results.  Great job all!!!

Links listed in order of interesting results.  For more information, review their earlier YouTube videos on the RobotIn3Days YouTube channel.

Ri3D 1.0 Reveal. Detailed discussion on Ri3D Robot.  Game piece manipulator discussion:  Perhaps the most important part of the robot to get right, and they do a great job.  Day Two Review.

oRyon final product.  Excellent stability while stacking Totes with Recycle Containers on top.  Electrical and Pneumatics review.

Team REDACTED  A few failures, but ultimately success.
Team REDACTED "Practice Match."  Stacking 6 with a pool noodle in the Recycle Container on top.  Mock Inspection.

Snow Problem Reveal.  
Snow Problem lifter.  Grabber Prototyping.

Team Greenhorn.  Interesting crate gripper.  Similar design could be used for the end of the crates.  Video List.

Team Indiana 

Team Tesla Reveal.   Tesla, Days 1, 2, 3.

An interesting robot concept posted on Chief Delphi:  Create a stack of totes internal to the robot, then deploy the stack to the stacking platform.  Hmmm....