2015 Pre-Season Training---Lesson One


Time to start training for the 2015 season. We each must know the fundamentals of the standard components of the FIRST robotics system.  At the very least, we must at least know the names and the basic function of the various standard components.  As the components for 2015 will be different from 2014, all of us need to take a few minutes to familiarize ourselves with the information.

Here is a two page lesson I've written up, with some links to videos and pictures.  Concentrate on the RED links.  Don't worry about memorizing all the details of these documents, just be sure to that you can recognize and name each component and briefly describe (in one sentence) what each component does.

The battery is 12V and stores energy for the robot.
The main circuit breaker is the on/off switch for the robot and protects the robot circuits.
A motor controller regulates the power to the motors according to a signal from the robot controller.

We'll get into the systems more as we develop the training program more extensively.

Mr. Grove