2013 FIRST Robotic Competition begins | McKinley Firebird

            The sounds of student filled the hallway, on early Saturday morning. As the hallway crowed with hungry student, they waited for their leader to check in and give them their ticket to get themselves breakfast. As time ticked away, the rush of excitement began to rally inside the students as their belly became filled with the FIRST complementary breakfast and the kicked off event became even closer. The announcement for the kick of began, as everyone took their seats, a mic check was conducted.

            The kick off began, showing clips of student who talked about FIRST competition and how it change their lives. Between the speakers telling how FIRST paved the way to the college choices, and the small hints of what competition change holds for all FIRST team, the tension build in the student and mentors alike. The live feed, showed how FIRST had helped student, and the possible of helping more such as providing scholarship opportunity for seniors and junior and stress the importance of completing the awards submission.

            As the excitement reached its climax, the encrypted code for the 2013 files appeared on the screen and the sounds of keyboard keys spread throughout the auditorium. Mentors and students alike began to decrypt all the rules and specification for the game. A few minutes later a 3D video begin to play and an animation showed what game the robotic will have to play. Throw saucer and climbing a pyramid, the whispered among mentor and student grew and grew until the animation ended and everyone was left to gather their package and begin their brainstorm ideas for their robot. This is how the 2013 FIRST Robotic Competition began